So I’m training for PF Chang’s half marathon here in Tempe.  Today’s run was 8 miles of no fun and no goodness.  I have yet to figure out my GI issues that keep getting me early in my runs.  Just re-capping the run, because that’s what I’m doing.

Miles 1-3:
I’ve been having some GI issues early in my runs that I need to figure out.  These miles were the most uncomfortable of the run and set the tone for the rest of the run.  I spent a lot of time walking and searching out a bathroom.  My wife Ariana gave me some solid intel on bathrooms in our neighborhood for my next long run. 🙂  My pace during these miles was rough… (15:09, 15:14, and then 16:56).

Miles 4-6:
These miles went much better after I had found a restroom… My calves settled down and warmed up, no longer feeling like they were going to explode. 😛  My average paces were much better, after my emergency stop at Jack in the Box. (17:51, 14:42, and then 14:04)… This is usually my long run pace… ugh I’m so slow.

Miles 7-8:
My wife showed up at Steve’s Espresso to run my final miles with me… Initially we were going to run my last 3 miles together as that’s all she had to do for a “recovery run”.  Unfortunately because of my detour I showed up at Steve’s at 5.8 miles. 🙁  Off we went, with her pushing the pace at 12:00/m… it was tough but do-able… during that time I was being an ass about my first miles of the run.  She eventually got me out of my mood and we were already turning around to run back.  Eventually she had to speed up as my pace (13:00/m) wasn’t fast enough for her to run comfortably. 🙂  Yeah, she’s a speedy person these days.  Anyway, I wrapped up my last mile watching my wife’s cute butt run away from me.  To top of the run we stopped at Steve’s and grabbed some coffee.  She always gets me this Mocha thingy after my long runs… mmmm so good. 🙂


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