I’ve lost and I’ve gained so much weight, one could say that I’m a professional weight loss person.  At my heaviest I was 480lb (est, simply because I had started losing weight before I even stepped on a scale that could support my body weight).  When I had decided that I was motivated enough to lose weight, I really did.  I went from that 480lbs down to 280lbs.  Then I hit the wall, literally could not lose weight for months and I gave up.  What happened there?  Subsequent tries to lose weight ended in a similar fashion with me plateauing  at 280lbs, or 290lbs and giving up.  Every single time I was motivated to lose that weight, every single time I did lose the weight… but when I hit the first obstacle that challenged my motivation… it faltered.  The TTL of my motivation to lose weight subsequently started going down  as well.  Often I would start out day #1, and mess up; then just say “fuck it” and go off on a binge.  Where was I going wrong?  How do I fix this?  Why am I such a fuck-up?

We all go through bouts of motivation… “I’m going to start running, I’m going to start riding, I’m going to lose weight.”.  Some of us succeed, and a lot of us fail.  It’s not because we can’t achieve our goals or our desires.  We simply lose the motivation to keep going before we’ve established a routine / discipline to keep going.  I read a really good article last week on this: Get disciplined, not motivated. After reading that article, I realized I had been attacking my goals / life the wrong way… Only recently have I fallen into a routine, and gotten myself some discipline.  Yes, it’s pretty rough knowing that I have to wake up at 0430 in the morning.  It’s also pretty rough to know that I can never eat another desert because  of my shitty mind and lack of self control.  Those are the choices I’ve had to make in order to achieve my goals.  At some point, you have to ask yourself… What do you want to do with your today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life?

I’m going to finish this post with an excerpt from the blog post I linked… because it really stands out with me.


Discipline is…
Creating. Doing. Acting.
Every single day.

  • Even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Even when you forget why you’re doing it.
  • Even when you don’t think it matters.

Discipline is imposing your will on today. Over and over again. Refusing to be overcome by whatever is staring back at you.

Because someday.

Someday is too late.

Have some discipline. Do something today.


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